The Church

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The Abbey Centre Baptist Church and associated buildings was established in 1987 when the then Abbey Road Baptist Church completed its move from Far Cotton Northampton to the present site. The membership, with help from community sources, raised the funds for the new building to be a place of worship and a centre for the use of the community. The people of the church worship together, but also express their faith in supporting the building practically, financially and participating in maintenance and various user groups during the week.



Every Sunday morning from 10.45am until about 12pm a large group of people of all ages gather together in the Abbey Centre for worship. This time is devoted to singing hymns and sharing our faith stories, affirming the value of all humanity in God’s sight, seeking spiritual strength to face the challenges of life, and celebrating the life offered to us by God through Jesus Christ, God’s son. Whatever the purpose for which people come or their denominational background or country of origin, they find a welcome as part of the church's worship and community in the Abbey Centre. 


Abbey centre building



Most Sunday evenings from 6pm to 7pm a bible study is held at the Abbey Centre. The aim of this service is to provide space for devotion of various types.


What the worship is like?

Sunday morning worship is for all ages and includes a children’s group called Kaleidoscope. We begin our time all together before the children leave for activities including music, craft, sport and technology, that aims to encourage them in their lives and matters of faith.

Our services include singing and praying together. Looking at passages and themes from the Bible and attempting to apply these to our everyday lives.

We share communion, bread and wine, almost every Sunday, reflecting on the story of Jesus and his invite to remember him in all that we say and do.

The first Sunday morning of every month is an All Age Worship Service where we aim to engage God’s story with our culture, often using technology, films and pictures. This service includes a worship group/choir.

The evening worship is more of a contemplative style. We still sing hymns and pray together, but also very often our reflections are done in the style of a discussion as we seek God’s will for all of our lives as individuals and a community.