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Sunday 29th September 2019 

This morning we had our Harvest Sunday service. We gave thanks for all of the food and drink that we enjoy on a daily basis and we remembered and prayed for those people, all over the world, who are hungry – particularly focusing on people in rural parts of Nepal, who are being helped to develop clean water supplies and sustainable means of food production by Operation Agri. We watched this video:

Members of the church brought offerings of food to the service, which were then donated to one of our local food banks.

This was our communion prayer:

Father God we thank you for all the wonders of nature that you have given us on this beautiful planet that we inhabit. We live in a world of plenty and for that we are very grateful. We thank you that you continue to give us our daily bread, we thank you for all of the wonderful variety of food and drink available to us. We thank you for plants, animals, for sunshine, for rain and for the earth itself – which is like a mother to us, nourishing us and holding us in its arms.

We thank you for all of the people involved in producing our food and for all of the many hands that have taken part in getting our food and drink to us.

Dostoyevsky once said  “to want bread for yourself is a physical need, to want bread for your brother is a spiritual need”. We also thank you today for all of those people who have felt and responded to your holy spirit by wanting bread for their brothers and sisters and by taking action, not just to feed the hungry but, even more importantly, to help them feed themselves. We thank you for the work of organisations like Operation Agri and many others who selflessly work to eradicate hunger in our world today.

We pray also for anyone who is hungry today and ask for your blessing on them that they might receive not just the food they need but also the spiritual food that will give them real life.

We thank you for the greatest food you have ever given us – your Son Jesus Christ, the “bread of heaven”…. a man, who like the small seed bore a great bounty of fruits throughout the last two thousand years and all across the earth today. We pray that we might be a part of that bounty and that we might all show the fruits of your holy spirit in our own lives.

Finally we thank you for the food and drink on the table before us today – the bread and the wine, the body and blood of your son Jesus, given for us so that we might know you.