In our gathering for worship on a Sunday morning we seek to demonstrate the welcome and the hospitality of God to everyone, from different backgrounds and all walks of life. Before the service starts we sings modern worship songs to encourage an atmosphere of uplifting praise as members gather for the service. Our services include singing hymns and songs & praying together for our world, the Church and for individuals known to us. We spend time looking at passages and themes from the Bible and exploring ways to apply these to our everyday lives. We share communion, bread and wine, almost every Sunday, reflecting on the story and centrality of Jesus and his invitation to remember him in all that we say and do.

Sunday morning worship is for all ages and includes a children’s group called Kaleidoscope. We value our time all together but sometimes the children leave for activities using modern technology which include music, craft activities and sports. The children’s activities aim to encourage them to consider that there is a deeper level of meaning in their lives and to explore with them matters of faith in a way that is accessible to children of all ages.

We are supported in our worship by a musical worship group that we call our ‘Praise Team’. The praise team meet on the Tuesday evening before the first Sunday of each month and practice music for the service, this session is then followed by a time of singing praise songs together, which is another way in which we believe we can come closer to God and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

From time to time we gather in our chapel and in members’ homes for more informal worship and reflection, which we refer to as ‘Grateful Heart’ times. These times are devoted to singing hymns and songs of praise, sharing our faith stories, affirming the value of all humanity in God’s sight, seeking spiritual strength to face the challenges of life, and celebrating the life that was offered to us by God through his son – Jesus Christ.

The Chapel – During daytime hours in the week, the chapel is often open if you wish find a quiet, tranquil place for contemplation, meditation, prayer or just some ‘peace and quiet’!